A lot of times we have a certain image or idea about what human trafficking looks like in our heads – usually because of how the media talks about it. But here are some myths and facts about human trafficking that might guide you in how to talk to your friend, and support them.

MYTH Human Trafficking only happens internationally, when someone is being moved from one country to another
FACT Trafficking can and does happen in Canada – even if someone was born and raised here.

MYTH Traffickers are strangers who capture girls and young women and use physical threats to force them into the sex trade.
FACT In almost all cases of domestic sex trafficking, individuals become trafficked by people that they know, and these people will usually manipulate their targets through emotional and psychological manipulation

MYTH Drug dependency is always involved.
FACT While this is true for some individuals who become trafficked, in many cases individuals who are trafficked are not dependent on drugs.

MYTH Trafficking only happens to girls
FACT While adolescent females are most vulnerable to becoming trafficked, trafficking can happen to anyone regardless of gender, race or circumstance.

MYTH It is only human trafficking, if the boyfriend/pimp is much older than the girl/young woman being trafficked. 
FACT No matter the age of the trafficker, older or the same age, it is a crime.

Now you know the facts, continue reading for more information about the stages of being trafficked and where to get help.

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