St. Stephen’s Community House:

RosemaryRosey is white, blonde hair and blue eyed.

Rosemary is coordinator of the Webbing With Wisdom project. Originally from Ireland, she’s well known for influencing the rest of us to use terms like “wee” and “oh sugar”.

KarenKaren is a mixed raced woman with lively red hair.

Mother, daughter, sister, redhead, feminist, lover of butterflies, social justice fighter, instructor and, easily one of the best listeners you’ll ever find – that’s Karen for you.

TaraTara is a light-skinned Iranian female, depicted with different unnatural hair shades.

Artist by nature, and social worker by profession – when she’s not crafting and writing, she’s kicking social injustice in the butt – creatively.

AprilApril is an Asian female, and often changes her hair colour.

A passionate youth worker and a bundle of joy. April likes to nerd out, enjoys outdoors and loves fishing.


Lydia is a racialized woman, and bares a wrapped headscarf while smiling at the camera.

Currently a nursing student, Lydia is passionate about women’s equity rights. She is against all forms of victimization and injustices towards girls/young women. She wants you to know, you are not alone.

AidaAida is a racialized female, and is depicted in two different images wearing hoop earrings.

It’s your girl Aida. She’s a college student in Toronto. She also sings, writes poetry and well, expresses herself in all forms of arts.

KarleyKarley poses for a photograph outdoors.

Karley is a social worker with an interest in young women’s self-esteem and relationships, as well as anti-poverty, mental health and addictions work. In her spare time she likes to read, write and listen to jams.

East Metro Youth Services:

CarlyCarly depicts a kind smile and warm spirit.

Social worker, trauma counselling innovator, and tireless advocate for survivors of domestic sex trafficking. Carly currently drives East Metro Youth Services’ gender based violence and human trafficking programs.

EmilyEmily poses with styled curls in her long dark brown hair.

Emily, who previously studied in Culinary Arts, is pursuing her dreams in the field of Social Work. She works at East Metro Youth Services as a Peer Support Worker.

JadeJade smiles at the camera in sunglasses on a hot summer day.

Jade is a writer, storyteller and resilient spirit. She is currently pursuing the publication of her autobiographical book “Stages”.


(picture coming soon)

A peer support worker at east metro youth services and Karly utilizes her educational background and lived experience to support and empower youth.


ShequitaShequita smiles at the camera in large diamond shaped fashion earrings.

Working to support youth and end gender-based violence for the past nine years. Currently, she works to facilitate deeper conversations about identity, self-love and self-esteem in the Regent Park community.

StephanieSteph sports fashion frames and purple streaks while smiling at the camera.

Stephanie joined the project because she believes in the strength of sisterhood and unity in order to reclaim our own bodies and spaces after having experienced bullying on- and offline.

LindaLinda poses for the camera in an patterned wrapped headscarf.

#BlackGirlsareMagic and I try and live this to the fullest! I aspire to build a network that supports women of colour as they navigate aspects of mental health.

AnoodthAnoodth smiles hard and squints into the camera.

Anoodth is a researcher, community educator, healer cat lover and gender justice warrior. She is passionate about using art and activism to end violence, and build communities of healing and resistance.

WendyWendy poses in a professional fashion photo, with her make up and hair done up.

A revolutionary Wombman passionate about the upliftment of the worlds’ Goddesses through engaging and transformative experiences.



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