If you or someone you know is being trafficked, help is close by. East Metro Youth Services offers counselling by phone, email or walk-in clinic support. We believe you and you are not alone with this, so please reach out.

Walk in clinic –

What’s Up Walk In at East Metro Youth Services

1200 Markham Road, Suite 200
Scarborough, Ontario
M1H 3C3


Carly: (416) 452-3018 ckalish@emys.on.ca

Peers Support Worker

  • Peer support workers are people who get it. They have been where you are and use their lived experiences to support you.
  • Peer support workers offer support in an extremely non judgmental way and understand first hand what you are going through now and moving forward because they went through it.

Emily: (416) 832-3197 emilyforward.emys@gmail.com

Karly: (647) 237-1441 karly_grace@hotmail.com

See our Resources for you page for more services that deal with cyber sexual violence and offer counselling and support.

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